Durban -  Hadedas made up a significant number of the 100-odd birds displaced in Tuesday’s storm and brought into the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (Crow).
“They are known for not making very sturdy nests,” said director Paul Hoyte, who broke an ankle in the pandemonium that broke out at the centre when enclosures flooded and nervous animals had to be caught and transferred into the clinic.
Among them were bearded mongoose, water mongoose, dassies, spotted genet, a baby bushbuck and grey duiker.
To make matters worse, the clinic also began to get flooded.
“They (the municipality) were busy upgrading the stormwater drains in Yellowwood Park. A raging torrent came down.”
A baby mongoose that drowned was the only fatality among the resident creatures.
“About half the birds (which died) that came in were already on death’s doorstep,” he said.
They had mostly suffered broken wings and broken legs.
Hoyte said the volunteer support arrived the next day to help clean up after people had learnt about the damage on Facebook.
To his relief, the “agile and clever” monkeys and baboons were able to find shelter within their sturdy enclosures.
The Independent on Saturday