SA swimming champ Chad le Clos with his father, Bert.
DURBAN - Olympic gold medal swimmer Chad le Clos has nothing but praise for his dad, Bert - describing him as his “plus-one”.

“I enjoy spending time with my dad. Time with him is priceless, he’s my best friend and we do everything together,” said Le Clos, who is in Italy for the 2018 Circuito Nuoto Italia. Despite not being home this year for Father’s Day tomorrow, Le Clos said his family would certainly make plans to spoil his dad.

“He taught me to never give up, that no matter how far you are behind, to always finish your best, as it could mean the difference between victory and defeat,” said Le Clos.

Some of the best times with his dad, he said, were spent over Christmas time.

“He would always come home early on December 24, and start making a huge pot of curry or stew or soup and put them into mini containers. He would then take some R20 notes as well and we would drive around Durban and hand out the food and money to those in need. He has done this for 28 years now, whether he has money or not, it’s very special for us,” said Le Clos.

He said his dad had sacrificed a lot of time to support him.

“I always appreciate his guidance and wisdom. He is always so full of energy, and he’s my best friend,” he said.