Safe return: Marta Rubilar (centre) receives hugs from her colleagues, Raymond Inggs, Themba Zuma, Danya Nortje, Suraj Rampersad and Luke Jordaan, after she had been hijacked in Powell Road yesterday. Picture: Tanya Waterworth

Durban - “I told them – if you’re going to kill me, do it one time.”

That was Durban resident Marta Rubilar, who was abducted by hijackers outside her workplace in Powell Road yesterday morning.

News of her abduction at about 7.40am in the side lane off Umgeni Road spread quickly across emergency and social WhatsApp groups, which was intensified when a video clip of her abduction by three armed men was released on social media. 

In the clip, which was rapidly shared, Rubilar is seen parking and getting out of her car, a Polo with a roof rack, while the men emerge from another Polo parked nearby. They grab Rubilar and bundle her into her vehicle. One of the assailants pushes her in and jumps into the back after her, another gets into the driver’s seat, while the third goes back to their own vehicle.

The two vehicles leave the scene with the back door of the hijacked vehicle still slightly open. 

CCTV footage shows Marta Rubilar parks and gets out of her car on Powell Road on Friday morning. The hijackers are also parked at the side of the road, door open and waiting to pounce. Picture: Supplied
A hijacker confronts a surprised looking Marta Rubilar. While his gang jump out of the vehicle to surround her. Picture: Supplied

Speaking to the Independent on Saturday yesterday after she had safely returned to work, Rubilar shared the details of the hijacking and her kidnapping. 

“When I got out of my car and was crossing the road, they came towards me and took my keys and my bag. I saw the gun pointing at me, I couldn’t see anything else. They pushed me into my car and one person pushed my head down and covered my face. He kept his hand on my head, holding it down. 

“I knew I had to stay calm, I didn’t cry or it would just get worse. They said I had to follow instructions and they wanted my pin number or they would kill me. I told them if they were going to kill me, do it one time. But they didn’t hurt me at all, the person sitting next to me treated me well,” said Rubilar. 

With her head being held down, Rubilar said she had no idea where she was. 

“Then they stopped the car and told me to get out fast. I asked them, if they were not going to kill me, could they please give me my papers, reading glasses and my house keys, which they did. 

The hijackers surround Marta Rubilar and drag her towards her car. Picture: Supplied
They then proceed to bundle Marta Rubilar into the back of her car. Picture: Supplied

“When I got out of the car, I suddenly felt it was difficult to breathe, I still didn’t know where I was, but there were some small houses around. 

“I tried flagging down a few cars and then a couple stopped. They took me to the nearest police station, I don’t even remember their names, but I’d like to say a big thank you to them,” she said. 

Rubilar was taken to Berea police station, before being taken back to her workplace.

Meanwhile, her colleagues were also full of smiles on hearing that she had been found safely.

One of the staff members had been sitting on a wall outside as the hijacking unfolded and saw one of the armed men go across the road. “I had seen Marta getting out of her car and when I saw the man carrying a gun going towards her, I ran inside, shouting, to raise the alarm.”

Police and local security companies were quickly alerted by her colleagues, who then gathered in a circle and prayed for her safe return. 

They then proceed to bundle Marta Rubilar into the back of her car. One of the hijackers joins the driver of their car. Picture: Supplied
The two cars speed down Powell Road and onto Umgeni Road. Picture: Supplied

Marshall Security spokesperson, Kyle van Reenen, confirmed later yesterday that Matrix Vehicle Tracking and Marshall Security found the vehicle in KwaMashu C-Section. 

Late yesterday, SAPS spokesperson  Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane confirmed the details of the hijacking and that Rubilar’s vehicle was found in KwaMashu.

He said: “The suspects drove away with her and later she was dropped off along the road in Newlands East. The suspects are still at large. Charges of carjacking and kidnapping were opened at Berea police station for investigation. Police are still searching for the suspects.”

The Independent on Saturday