Brand strategist Nadia Hearn shares advice on how to adapt to change in business.
Brand strategist Nadia Hearn shares advice on how to adapt to change in business.

How to stay young in business

By Frank Chemaly Time of article published Jun 5, 2021

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THE Independent on Saturday brings you a series of webinars this week looking at various aspects of youth month.

In our first webinar on Tuesday at 2pm, Janine Lloyd will chat to radio and tv personality, speaker and brand strategist Nadia Hearn on how to stay young in business and adapt with the times.

Hearn will looks at how we see change every day and it’s really crucial to keep up with what’s happening in the market and to stay relevant. She’ll explores how to stay abreast with your consumers, the technology out there that may improve your product. She’ll also explore how to use social media for your best impact, and how to stay young with your product through innovation.

People are working and shopping differently often from home and increasingly online, even meeting online. And the pandemic is ensuring that people change the way they see or do or purchase.

Change is going to happen and we need to deal with it with an open mindset and your speed at adapting to changes is crucial. Hearn will also share her experiences with her customers in adapting to these changes. And how to create things that would never have been created if it wasn’t for that change.

In our second webinar on Wednesday June 9 at 2pm, StyleMode fashionistas Shereen Conrad, editor, and Nishai Sookdew, shoe designer, discuss will footwear trends this winter.

While staying at home and relaxing in loungewear, flats are always a good option. Loafers and sneakers are there for comfort and style. But when heading out, stay on trend with a pair of boots. No matter what the occasion they find the right shoe and explore the must-have trends this season.

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