DURBAN - Don’t be fooled by the humid Durban weather: thunderstorms are expected to cover most parts of the province this weekend, with warnings of localised flooding.

South African Weather Service forecaster Wisani Maluleke said thunderstorms, which began last night, were expected to continue until tomorrow.

“There is an 80% chance of thundershowers across the province today. There may also be strong, damaging winds and some hailstones in some parts of the province. Areas likely to experience more severe thundershowers are Newcastle, Ulundi and Richards Bay,” he said.

The weather office issued an alert for localised flooding that could affect most parts of the province.

Maluleke said the rain would continue over the weekend, and into Monday, although it was expected to clear by Monday afternoon. 

Durban is expecting a high of 26ºC today, and 21ºC tomorrow.

The weather service advised people to be cautious when crossing low water bridges and to be alert for accidents because of slippery roads caused by the persistent rainfall. The office also said people should stay indoors if possible and off the roads, and avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where water is above one’s ankles.

“If trapped in a flooding situation while in a vehicle, it is preferable to abandon it and climb to higher ground. In buildings, move valuables to a safe place above the expected flood level. Switch off electricity at the supply point to the building,” said the weather office.

The Independent on Saturday