Jason Arnold with a black mamba.Picture Zanele Zulu.07/03/2014

Durban - A “well-fed” black mamba, one of the fastest and deadliest of snakes, was cornered in a shed in a Parlock home last week.

Measuring 2.65m, the snake had made a home in a dark shed behind tons of household items, eating rodents. “I had received a call from a resident saying they had seen a snake in the shed, but wasn’t sure what type of snake it was,” said Durban snake catcher Jason Arnold.

People surrounded the shed to ensure the snake did not escape.

“I had to rummage through all these items in the shed passing them outside, until finally saw this snake, and realised it was a black mamba,” said Arnold.

By now the snake had got under the wood Arnold was standing on, and after treading carefully, Arnold managed to catch it. The snake was one of the largest he had caught - the largest measured 2.9m.

“However, this one seems to have had a part of its tail cut off and so it could possibly have been much longer,” said Arnold.

The mamba had two fat rats in its belly.

“After the food digests, I will release it so it can easily move and find its way in its new environment,” said Arnold, saying there were plenty of rats.