Pop in to Women’s vintage village pop-up

Gabriella Pappas, Bongwa Mazibuko and Makhosi Mdima from the Vintage Station collective celebrate Women’s Month.

Gabriella Pappas, Bongwa Mazibuko and Makhosi Mdima from the Vintage Station collective celebrate Women’s Month.

Published Aug 8, 2020


Durban - Vintage is in, it’s recyclable, high-quality and timeless.

And with many experiencing hard times because of lockdown, it also provides a warm feeling of yesteryear when life was simpler.

As traders look for innovative ways to kick-start business in a tough economy, this weekend the Vintage Station collective will host a pop-up to celebrate Women’s Month.

From faux furs to delicate china and classic reads, the collective is made up of many small businesses, most of them owned by women.

Organising the event, Gabriella Pappas said the collective’s members had met at the monthly Durban Vintage Market.

“It was these humans coming together from all ages and races which showed how vintage or retro goods have universal appeal. We thought it would be cool to have a physical space.

“All of us have extensive networks on social media and it’s about recycling or upcycling rather than consuming or making new products.

“There is a return to buying local. People are actively choosing local and supporting each other and there is a lot more support for small businesses.

“People are looking at how we consume and manufacture, and the collective way is rising out of this very hard time.

“People are more aware and drawn to the community aspect of shopping,” said Pappas, adding that shoppers were looking for smaller spaces with a more intimate feel than a shopping mall.

Makhosi Mdima, who specialises in vintage clothing, said: “What I love about vintage is that it provides a quality, classic and timeless look. The fabric is often divine and you are never out of fashion. In a crowd, you stand out.”

And with books also back in demand, Bongwa Mazibuko from the Denis Hurley Street Booksellers’ Project said he would bring a wide selection by female authors for the pop-up weekend.

Mazibuko supports Women’s Month, saying: “I grew up in a family with many women and I’m 105% against the abuse of women.

“This weekend I will have lots of novels, books on fitness and cookbooks.”

A quick peek through his collection revealed loads of contemporary authors, as well as South African writers Gcina Hlophe, Nadine Gordimer, Dalene Matthee and some classics by the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen. There were also some Enid Blyton favourites for young readers.

The Vintage Collective’s Women’s Month pop-up will be at 170 Mahatma Gandhi Street (Point Road) today and tomorrow, from 9am to 2pm.

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