South Africa landed in 25th place on a list of best countries in the world for wildlife tourism by UK-based tour company, True Luxury Travel.

Durban - The United States has outranked South Africa on a list of best countries in the world for wildlife tourism.

According to a list by UK-based tour company, True Luxury Travel, South Africa ranked in 25th place which was based on factors including wildlife biodiversity, conservation efforts, and the prevalence of national parks for its findings.

The US earned its top spot due to its impressive system of 60 national parks as well as having over 750 natural history museums and its high score on several other indexes indicating a commitment to conservation.

Since a country's pioneering role in establishing national parks was also a factor, the results point out that the US is also home to one of the oldest national parks in the world, Yellowstone, which was founded in 1872.

Venezuela ranked in second place due to its high prevalence of national parks and protected natural areas, which has the greatest proportion of natural protected areas in the world, accounting for 54.14% of the total land.

Africa's top destination, Tanzania, came in fifth place overall.

Following the US and Venezuela, the rest of the global top 10, in order, is Brazil in third, Thailand in fourth, Tanzania in fifth, followed by Colombia, Croatia, Mexico, Australia, and Canada.

-The Independent on Saturday