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Durban - South African men are among thousands of males in cities around the world who seem to prefer their mistresses curvy.

These men who stray from their relationships also prefer their lovers to have longer hair and would apparently choose adventurousness over maturity.

This was according to a recent survey which aimed to discover exactly which qualities and attributes made a woman the perfect mistress.

Overall, it found that the majority of men who took part in the study ranked a woman’s physical appearance over intelligence.

The study was conducted by Victoria Milan, an online dating network for married and attached people looking to cheat.

The findings were based on mined data from thousands of Victoria Milan members from 22 countries including South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, France Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, UK and US.

The research conducted by the online dating network regarding the ideal mistress was originally done back in 2015 when the results showed that slim women topped the list.

The same study was done by Victoria Milan late last year and the updated poll revealed a completely different type of mistress.

During the initial study, 40.2% of 4427 men registered on chose slim women over curvy (38.6%) to have an affair with.

Three years later, however, these men’s physical preferences have changed: now 40.8% of these other 4803 participants prefer curvaceous mistresses over 35.2% who keep choosing slim lovers.

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