Murder victim, Siam Lee

DURBAN - Carmen Nan Lee, the mother of slain Siam Lee whose burnt body was found in January after she disappeared from a Durban North property believed to be a brothel, has lashed out at a fellow occupant of the house.

The other woman, a sex worker, was quoted in news reports saying that unless police probed the link to drugs, the real reason Siam was killed may not be revealed.

She reportedly claimed Siam had gone to the accused’s car to collect a “package”.

Nan, as she prefers to be called, denied that Siam had anything to do with drugs and said the woman had an axe to grind with her daughter who was “much younger and prettier and Siam didn’t have to do what she had to do”.

GRIEVING MOM: Siam Lee’s mother, Carmen Nan Lee, at Stellawood Cemetery for the funeral of her daughter.

The mother said she and Siam regarded this woman “as a joke”.

“Every morning she would come downstairs, saying ‘what’s up what’s up, up, up…’ Because I was the only one with a vehicle, I would say, ‘Does anyone need airtime? Does anyone need anything?’ and the thing would say ‘can I please like have three Ja-Ja-Jagermeisters (liquor)’, speaking like a turtle underwater.”

Nan said the woman was a known drug addict with a criminal record, having done time in Westville Prison.

“Siam was such a little snob that she wouldn’t talk to her because she horrified her,” she said.

This week, the man accused of Siam’s murder applied for bail which has been postponed to next month.