Durban - Fascinated Durbanites cannot stop talking about the spectacular waterspout that was seen just off the coast of KZN near Durban, yesterday afternoon. 

The Storm Report SA Facebook page is flooded with video sent by the pubic from different sides of Durban sharing this tornado on top of the Indian ocean.

“Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over a mass of water. They typically form from a Supercell Thunderstorm but can also form from a normal thunderstorm. They generally don't do any damage as they are over water where there are no residential areas or buildings. They can however hit boats and can cause major damage,” said the Storm Report SA representative.

In one of the videos posted on Facebook, the tornado was barreling towards a ship. However Storm Report SA said there has been no report of it being hit.

“Waterspouts aren't that common but most are missed due to the oceans being great masses of water. They occur during summer months when the possibility of thunderstorms are high. They can become bigger but the waterspout on the videos are generally that size,” said Storm Report SA.

The South African Weather Service said they had no knowledge of the waterspout and had not reported on it.

The Independent on Saturday