KwaMashu Men's Hostel. File picture: Doctor Ngcobo/Independent Media Archives
  • May 5: KwaMashu man Zamokwakhe Zulu is killed after he allegedly slaps his cheating girlfriend after an argument. She apparently stabbed him to death in self-defence. He had been informed by a friend about the alleged cheating.  
  • Woman suspect at the centre of the alleged murder flees and her whereabouts are not known. Police meanwhile, are investigating a murder docket, and have made no arrests. 
  • May 13: Zulu is buried in his rural Nkandla home in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Durban - The man who woke up 33-year-old Zamokwakhe Zulu and took him to where his girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him and where she allegedly stabbed and killed him, says he regrets his actions.

This is according to Zulu’s cousin Musa Ngcobo who arrived on scene at the KwaMashu Men's Hostel to find Zulu with a single stab wound to his chest. He died on route to KwaMashu Poly Clinic.

Police say the investigation is still on-going and no arrest has been made. They also say they still don’t have an identikit of the suspect they are looking for.

Ngcobo says Zulu’s friend had been drinking at the same place Zulu’s girlfriend had been. When he saw her leave with another man known to him, he followed the two.

“He says they went into a room together and he knocked on the door telling the two inside he had seen them and he knew what they were doing. He then went to my cousin’s room to wake him,” Ngcobo said.

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He said that Zulu, who is a father of three, lived in a room with his girlfriend. He often slept with his door unlocked for his girlfriend to open when coming back from partying.

“The friend said he knocked on the door of my cousin’s room but there was no answer. This was around 3am. He told me my cousin was fast asleep and it took a little bit of time to wake him,” said Ngcobo.

When Zulu arrived at the room his girlfriend was in, he and his girlfriend got into an argument. He is alleged to have slapped her and she then allegedly stabbed him in self-defence.

He said after Zulu’s death, the friend had said that if he hadn’t been so drunk, he would never have gone to wake up Zulu.

Zulu who was killed on May 5 was buried at the weekend at the family home in Nkandla. Ngcobo returned to Durban on Tuesday.

“I will be going to the police station tomorrow to find out what is going on with the case but if police don’t find her because she’s hiding wherever she’s been hiding, we won’t pester the police about it, because we don’t want anything that will bring us more hurt.”

Ngcobo said if the woman was to ever get arrested he has no desire to see or talk to her.

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