US President Donald Trump, and First Lady Melania with Britain's Queen Elizabeth in London.
OPINION: US President Donald Trump’s trip to the UK went well - a little too well.

That was until a belligerent cat took up a position under his armoured car and photobombed him while he was posing for pictures at Number 10 Downing Street. The two-legged protesters were successfully kept at bay.

While Trump electioneered for next year, optimists like me hoped he was being schooled in economics, climate change and multilateralism. It was poignant and strange watching the “America First” president take part in D-Day commemorations.

While many observers were wondering what the world would be like today if Adolf Hitler had triumphed, I found myself imagining what it would be like if Trump lost the 2016 elections. But he won, and might well be heading for a re-election next year if he continues generating such good optics while shaking the global economic tree for quick gains for his constituency like he did last week.

Closer to home, similar seemingly mad unstoppables continue with their insidious but easily decipherable selfish campaigns. The “barbarians” are at the gate of the Reserve Bank, as governor Lesetja Kganyago put it. Not even President Cyril Ramaphosa could stop them banging on it and making an unseemly noise for neighbours and foreign investors.

Like Trump, the barbarians have potent methods in their madness. For now, they seem unstoppable, much like Hitler did 75 years ago. Until the good stood up, rallied together and defeated him.

The Independent on Saturday