Opening up about drugs, and dropping masks

Published Jun 25, 2022


You know the world is in trouble when moms supply their children with drugs instead of food.

Today's lead about youth and drugs makes for sobering, if depressing, reading.

But it is an issue every household should be aware of.

Parents needs to create and maintain a home environment that encourages children to be open about issues which cause stress and may lead to drugs as an outlet or escape.

Also be alive to the signs of drug-taking; cost and availability are hardly hindering factors these days, and treatment is difficult (and costly) once addiction sets in.

With alcohol touted as a gateway drug, adults need to drink responsibly in the presence of impressionable youth.

And speaking of being open, I don’t know about you people, but I’m keeping my mask on for a bit longer.

And I’m also going to get the vaccine booster shot I was sent a reminder for last week at the earliest opportunity.

Regardless of what the health minister says, I’m erring on the side of caution and ignoring any stares cast my way.

We’ve been through too much over a long, long period to throw caution to the wind now, I think.

And I speak as one who is often peering through fogged-up glasses caused by masks.

It will be a few months yet before I can breathe easy (and see clearly?) again.

The Independent on Saturday