South African swimming legend Cameron Bellamy had hope to become the first person to swim around Barbados but quit after some hours.

Durban - South African open water swimmer Cameron Bellamy who set out to become the first person to swim 96km around the West Indies island of Barbados at the weekend “had to call it quits”.

This is according to the country’s Nation newspaper, which reported that he did so after being in the water for 27 hours.

He was nonetheless hosted to a celebratory function.

Bellamy said he reached a point where he knew his body could not go on.

“I’ve never swam for that long before, and I didn’t know what was going to happen to my body. I felt like I could have swum for about six hours more, but I knew at six hours more my body wouldn’t be able to function anymore,” Bellamy (36) said.

He entered the water on Saturday.

The report added that Bellamy said he would definitely be back to complete the task in the near future.

Bellamy broke the record for performing open water swims in all seven oceans and undertakes his challenges to raise money for impoverished schools in Zimbabwe and the Eastern Cape.

The Independent on Saturday