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21 things about you that are perfect

By IOL Lifestyle Time of article published Mar 6, 2018

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You may not like your teeth, your hair, your funny knees - but it's important to learn to accept yourself just the way you are. Here are 21 reasons why...

1. The gap between your teeth, the kink in your hair, your one slightly-bigger foot or boob… Don't fight Mother Nature and her quirky sense of humour.

2. The way you put on mascara and some gloss before you pop down to the cafe for milk… just in case.

3. Your conviction that Drake is waiting for your call.

4. That you adore wearing your heels, but can't wait to get home to your trusty flip-flops.

5. The way you always mess up a joke before the punchline, even if it's a knock-knock joke…

6. How you dance around in your underwear singing to Beyoncé (off-key) while you're getting ready for a big night out.

7. That toasted cheese sandwiches top your list of favourite meals.

8. That even though you're perfectly happy being single, and the thought of marriage makes you break out in hives, you already know exactly what your wedding dress will look like.

9. Your strict order of procedure when going to the movies: ticket, bathroom, popcorn. And the way you get slightly peeved if you miss the trailers.

10. That you still secretly think of your first love every now and then.

11. Your impeccable, always-right-when-you-actually-listen-to-it gut instinct.

12. The way you reach orgasm. Whatever it takes, babe!

13. That you still miss a character from a good book several days after you've finished it.

14. That you sometimes cry when you're happy.

15. That you cannot speak any recognisable form of language (except, perhaps, Cavewoman) before your first cup of coffee in the morning.

16. The way you still feel 18. even though your teens are over... for give or take a decade already.

17. The way you pretend you're too cool for Westlife, but still sing along merrily when no one's listening.

18. Your ongoing love of chocolate, which seems to be getting more intense by the day.

19. Your need to have rainy-day money tucked away somewhere (usually your bottom drawer). Saving is always smart.

20. Your checkered past. A little wild phase keeps you from having a checkered future.

21. Everything else that makes you, you. Embrace yourself. Love yourself.

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