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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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4 creative ways to cook with coffee

Coffee ambassador for Nespresso Middle East and Africa Yassir Corpataux. Supplied

Coffee ambassador for Nespresso Middle East and Africa Yassir Corpataux. Supplied

Published Jun 7, 2019


Coffee ambassador for Nespresso Middle East and Africa Yassir Corpataux. Supplied

From flat whites to cappuccinos and lattes, coffee is a must-have morning drink for many people around the world. Coffee has become a lifestyle and coffee trends are constantly evolving to include new flavours and ways of drinking coffee. Coffee ambassador for Nespresso Middle East and Africa Yassir Corpataux talks to us about the coffee industry and alternative ways you can enjoy coffee.

How do you take your coffee?

It depends on the time of the day and my mood. In the morning, usually black, lungo (short black). Its fruity notes help keep me awake. During the day and after lunch, I always go for a cappuccino, with a highly roasted coffee such as Kazaar. After dinner, I automatically indulge myself with an Arpeggio Alter Ego (decaffeinated).

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Can you list some countries that are known for producing the best coffee?

Ethiopia and Zimbabwe produce amazing Arabica beans, with a bright acidity and fruity/flowery citrus notes. Costa Rica and Colombia are also a great choice when you want winey and red fruity notes. India has a high quality of Robusta beans, especially the monsooned of the Master Origin India and Indonesia, for its ingenious way of processing their coffee beans. Each country of origin has a particularity that others don’t have and this makes the world of coffee so rich.

Can you please give us more of alternative and creative ways one can enjoy coffee?


. Coffee adds a sublime touch to cuisine. The finest restaurants in the world serve Nespresso and it’s no coincidence. We share the same passion for exceptional experiences, with the same selection process of high-quality products and the same exploration of tastes.


If you want to freshen up, and give your tomato-Mozzarella salad recipe a twist, you can peel the tomatoes and infuse them with a Master Origin Nicaragua in a glass jar. The natural sweetness of this coffee, due to its black-honey process, allows you to bring the flavour of the tomato to a delicious and intriguing level. Served with an aged balsamic and the best mozzarella in town, you have the supreme starter for your guests.

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There’s also an interesting approach when you want to prepare red meat. You can glaze ribs in a marinade composed of the Fortissio Lungo, one chilli (cut into slices), two garlic cloves (crushed with a heavy knife), 200ml maple syrup and 200g ginger (finely grated and juice squeezed out in muslin, use only the juice). If you like juicy steak, you can rub some Arpeggio roasted coffee grounds on the meat and slow-cook it in the oven.


For dessert, depending on the size of the audience and the time I have at my disposal, I prepare a delicious tiramisu with a Nespresso Caramelito as a base for the ladyfingers. When it’s a last minute dessert, I scoop some vanilla ice cream in a Nespresso View Cup (guest have to see the end result, it’s beautiful), prepare a strong Ristretto on top of it and add a flavoured milk foam prepared with my Aeroccino and a bit of vanilla syrup.

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