Tracy-Lee Rosslind shows an example of braids as protective hairstyle, wearing Tart Clothing and a braids wig by Isis Africa. Picture: Nuraan Noordien.
The most important part when growing hair is how you treat your scalp. Connie Gwandure, a professional hair stylist at Urban Zulu Natural Beauty shares the following tips on how to keep your scalp healthy.

  • Cleanse your scalp every now and then
The scalp usually gets clogged up because of the oils we use to moisturise the our hair almost every day. This causes the scalp not to get the nourishment it needs so at least cleanse it every two weeks.

  • Regularly massage the scalp
Massaging your scalp regularly helps circulate blood flow because when you blood circulates fast, then your skin gets generally healthy.

  • Apply products that are stimulating to the scalp
Products such as black castor oil rejuvenates the skin cells, therefore promoting healthy and stronger hair.

  • Avoid plaiting things that are too heavy for the scalp to handle
Things such as very thick braids are not always healthy for the scalp because it’s sometimes not able to support that extension. A protective hairstyle such as braids or plaits is a good technique to grow your hair.

Natural hair protective hairstyle that can help keep your scalp healthy. Picture: Supplied.

  • Moisturise your scalp regularly
Most people forget to moisturise their scalp yet it’s still part of our body. If we bath everyday and put lotion on our skin. We should apply the same method on our scalp.