Shiny skin normally means a dehydrated skin. Pictures: Pexels
Shiny skin normally means a dehydrated skin. Pictures: Pexels

5 handy tricks to prevent shiny skin

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Jul 9, 2020

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The light should be reflected off mirrors or some other shiny surfaces, but not on your face. 

Have you ever wondered why your skin takes a shiny sheen as the day progresses? It is caused by increased sebum production. 

Some people have oily skin on their own, but it can also be due to some hormonal changes.  

We give you five tricks that can help you prevent shiny skin.

1. Food and drinks

The amount of water you drink and the foods you eat can be seen through your skin. Shiny skin normally means a dehydrated skin. Always make sure that you drink enough water and eat healthy food.

2. Scrubbing is banned

Scrubbing is not recommended as this damages the top skin layer and stimulates the glow process. Rather opt for a liquid exfoliant that contains salicylic acid. This will remove the dead skin cells in a mild way.

3. Cleaning process

One of the most important parts is cleaning your face. Using a face wash gel every morning and evening is good for your skin, followed by a tonic - to close the pores - a serum, then a  moisturizing day and night cream. It could seem like a lot of work, but your skin will thank you. 

4. Make-up

Are you someone that wears makeup? Apply a mattifying primer after your day cream and before your foundation. A primer makes the pores less noticeable and will make sure that the foundation stays in place. You can also opt for a mattifying foundation.

5. Powder

A powder does wonders on your skin. After applying your foundation or concealer, add a thin layer of powder over greasy parts on your face. Carrying your powder with you will be wiser thing to do as you can do some touch-ups throughout the day.

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