Major John timber bow tie. Picture: Supplied.

Major John, a brand of timber bow ties which statred in 2012 at Bloemfontein by Paul Whitehead recently released a new series. The timber used for the ties is recycled and the fabric is hand picked to ensure quality. All Major John bow ties are handcrafted and unique and each tie is numbered to be traced back to the series and issue.

R9.1 Major John timber bow tie. Picture: Supplied.

The latest series is called the “projected reality”, because of the inspiration acquired from the across the world with this collection.

“There is only one reality, however people's perception of this reality differs . We all see reality from our own perspective and the result of these different perspectives can be observed on the world.

In a Major John bow tie. Picture: Supplied.

"Major John Series 9 is a depiction of the projected reality that our team experiences in the places we visited around the world. This can be seen in the materials and fabrics we used”, says Whitehead.

This series is now available, for more information visit