During the course of flight LH400 from Frankfurt to New York, passengers who were on their way to New York Fashion Week were treated to two fashion shows and three expert talks. They were also given the chance to test out a range of innovative wearable technologies.

New York fashion designer Rubin Singer presented a selection of pieces from his women's 2017 spring/summer collection as well as elements from his upcoming autumn/winter collection. This was the first time a new designer collection had been shown at a height of 10,000 metres.

“As a designer I’m always looking for new ways to showcase my designs,” said Singer. Passengers on this nine-hour flight were given the chance to test out a range of fashion wearables, from bracelets to headphones to health trackers.

The FlyingLab was rounded off with a special fashion show put on by a Lufthansa crew. They showcased the influence of fashion trends on flight attendants’ uniforms over the past 60 years.

The FlyingLab comprised two parts – on the one hand, talks or presentations and, on the other, product testing. Taking part didn't cost anything – passengers needed to only buy a ticket for the flight in question, and it didn’t matter which booking class they are in.

The upper deck on flight LH400 was used as a changing room and backstage area for the fashion shows. During the flight, passengers were given the chance to get their hair done professionally by a Redken stylist in order to be perfectly prepared for their arrival in the fashion metropolis.

- Adapted from a press release