Retro walk by Pex. Picture: Supplied.
Unapologetically African, Siyanda Mhlahlo, 24, of Germiston, east of Johannesburg, is a jack of all trades. Growing up in Rondebult in harsh circumstances, Mhlahlo started out as an entrepreneur at an early age. Before selling toilet paper and steel wool for a living, he used to sell sweets at school.

At the age of 13 he was selected for an arts course run by an artist called Philip and a Mrs Mashiyane, where he met Ayanda Nkululeko Nkosi, who introduced him to Dj’ng. In 2012, while at high school, he and Nkosi started selling T-shirts to fund their fledgling Dj’ng careers.

Siyanda Mhlahlo dressed in Pex apparel. Picture: Supplied. 

Mhlahlo also became a commerce tutor at Phumula Gardens Secondary School and graduated at Vaal University of Technology, having studied marketing. From there onwards, Pex was born, an Afrocentric brand that specialises in accessories, apparel and footwear.

“This is the current Pex first tailored collection that uses blanket material called #RetroSleepPiece (apparel) and RetroWalk (footwear) as the way of redefining, repositioning and revitalising the brand to be Afrocentric.

"We want to send the message that being African is cool, and hang in there in that black skin because it’s gold,” says Mhlahlo.

Pex shoes. Picture: Supplied. 

Pex is known for its simplicity, authenticity, innovation and the promotion of African culture.

With its unique use of blanket material, the brand has grown exponentially, with burgeoning sales, customer base and distribution networks. They are also looking to open at least three concept stores this year, with many more in the pipeline.

Sleek in Pex apparel. Picture: Supplied. 

Meanwhile, they’ll be launching Fashion ke Sdwedwe in April and September, where "magic" is promised.

For more information, keep in touch with them on social media via @Pexlifestyle on Twitter and Pex on Facebook.