Stunning in Sinkwa Sethu. Picture: Supplied.
Founded by couple, Langelihle and Unathi Mbonambi, about a year ago, Sinkwa Sethu (“our bread”) is a fashion brand designed to bring a splash of colour to our everyday life.

The brand incorporates a mix of Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana heritage while adding a Western influence.

Popular for using the seshweshwe fabric, a traditional African fabric found in southern Africa, Sinkwa Sethu started out by making clothing for the Mbonambi family. However, outsiders showed interest, prompting the Mbonambis to launch an official brand.

Dazzling in Sinkwa Sethu.Picture: Supplied.

“Most of our designs are made of seshweshwe, because we wanted something that was uniquely South African.

“There is a trend for print fashion; people are looking towards more prints but a lot of them are wax prints, which is a West African print,” says Langelihle.

The aim of producing strictly African garments is to discourage people from wearing African prints only during traditional events but to make it an everyday thing.

The Mbonambi's, founders of Sinkwa Sethu. Picture: Supplied. 

“People only think about African prints when they’re going to traditional events, the goal is to make it an everyday thing. To bring colour into our everyday garments. Hence our style is using the prints that go for more contemporary cuts,” Langelihle added.

As it is the brand’s concept to bring out colour, their latest collection is geared towards summer.

Ranging from off-the-shoulder designs and shorts to joggers, it’s all season appropriate and in line with what’s happening in fashion, but introducing an African flair.

Looking dapper in Sinkwa Sethu dresses. Picture: Supplied. 

The collection also includes garments suitable for working spaces, with the aim of teaching people to be proud of African fashion and take it everywhere.

“We’ve adopted a lot of Western fashion, so many people wear suits and formal dresses in the corporate space.

“Our goal is to eventually help shift that in order to colour that space.

Dressed by Sinkwa Sethu. Picture: Supplied. 

“We’ve already seen some do that, sending us pictures in their working spaces wearing our garments,” says Langelihle.

* A wider range that goes throughout all the seasons is expected to be released in autumn next year. Follow @sinkwasethu on Instagram for more information.