Businesswoman Sue Moodley has been nominated in the Top Young Achiever Awards. Picture: Supplied
One of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs is hoping to inspire other women through her journey of hardship to pursue their dreams by “just doing it”.

Mother, wife, philanthropist and the chief executive of Pluminco Trade, Sue Moodley has been making headlines in the business industry.

The Johannesburg millionaire and a nominee in the prestigious Top Young Achiever Awards 2017 told POST it had been a long road to success.

“I started the business in 2003 due to unemployment. The loss of income motivated me,” said Moodley, who added she had a strong personality and found being her own boss was better than working for someone else.

“When I decided to run the company, my office was the garage of my parents home in Winchester Hill (Johannesburg) and my furniture was a hard garden chair and table,” said Moodley, who currently lives in Bassonia Estate, south of Johannesburg.

She said it was through sheer dedication and determination to get to the top that she succeeded in landing one big deal after the other.

Moodley has supplied plumbing materials to some of the country’s biggest developments, including the Milpark Clinic and Sandton Clinic.

She said that as an up-and-coming entrepreneur she had lacked managerial and accounting business acumen, “but I learnt to master the skills”.

Today, Pluminco Trade is a 100% black owned housing and infrastructure development company aimed at integrated and sustainable housing and infrastructure development.

It is an emerging enterprise, which strives to service the growing demand in housing and infrastructure development, she said. And, by the look of things, there is no stopping Moodley as she continues to promote sustainable cost-effective housing and infrastructure materials.

Moodley said she was honoured by her recent nomination: “I have worked hard to build my company to where it is now and to be recognised for achieving success is absolutely wonderful.”

The event, hosted by Standard Bank, will be held on August 17 at Emperors Place.

Moodley, who is also a finalist in the Mrs Commonwealth 2017 contest, which will be held at Gold Reef City on October20, said the event was a great platform for her to share her knowledge.

“I wear the sash, as a finalist in Mrs Commonwealth 2017, with pride and dignity. I entered to encourage my philanthropic journey with the Pink Drive, an NGO that creates awareness on breast cancer and I feel emotionally inclined to the organisation as I battle my own breast health issues,” said Moodley, who added her mom had died of cancer.

Moodley, who is married to Sugan, an engineer, and has two children, Cayden, 9, and Caitlin, 6, added success was not only about the money, but the difference one could make in the lives of others.

It was for this reason, she said, that Pluminco Trade was involved in projects and community work: “I give grocery hampers and conduct feeding schemes together with sponsors in different impoverished communities as often as possible.”

She said having spare time was a rare luxury, but when she got a chance she enjoyed being pampered at a spa or reading motivational books.

As she approaches her 40s, she intends to obtain a pilot’s licence and learn to swim.

“My advice to all women is to be bold, be the best version of yourself and always remember anything you set your mind to is attainable.”

Her favourite inspirational quote is by former US First Lady Michelle Obama: “If you want to a make change in the life of humankind and if you feel you have it in you to make a difference, just go and do it. Don’t think about the odds. Think of the positives.”

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