BlackBrick's Extraordinary Ascent from Zero to One Billion in Sales

Boasting over R1 billion in sales since its establishment in 2019, BlackBrick has become a beacon of impressive investment potential.

Boasting over R1 billion in sales since its establishment in 2019, BlackBrick has become a beacon of impressive investment potential.

Published Dec 11, 2023


Positioned at the nexus of history and modernity in Cape Town, BlackBrick stands as the vanguard in reshaping the urban investment landscape. With a remarkable track record boasting over R1 billion in sales since its inception in 2019, BlackBrick has solidified its status as the fastest-growing apartment hotel network in Africa.

Meticulously tailored with a steadfast focus on investors, the brand has successfully completed three buildings in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, with two more developments currently underway. Amidst this rapid expansion, BlackBrick's latest venture, BlackBrick Gardens, emerges as the epitome of sophisticated urban investment, inviting discerning investors to a realm of unparalleled opportunities.

As BlackBrick expands successfully from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the focus shifts to a city already experiencing remarkable growth. BlackBrick Gardens, the fifth jewel in the portfolio, surpasses traditional investments, serving as an architectural masterpiece strategically placed to contribute to the city's ongoing growth and urban revitalization. Nestled in Cape Town's intricate tapestry, the Gardens neighbourhood exudes affluent charm, yet carries the marks of time's neglect. This historic enclave now awaits a renaissance, with BlackBrick poised as the architect of its revival. Plans are in motion to establish a new Central Improvement District in the area and together with local visionaries, they embark on a quest to restore this neighbourhood to its former prestigious glory. BlackBrick Gardens on Roodehek Street in the heart of Gardens, is set to become a focal point—an avant-garde development housing 93 apartments. Inspired by Cape Town's historical architecture, these living spaces seamlessly incorporate design elements from the cherished fynbos, envisioned by the award-winning architects at Design Workshop.

BlackBrick's allure lies in its unwavering commitment to connectivity. Owning a unit in BlackBrick Gardens is not merely an investment in one unit; it's a gateway to a lifestyle that transcends conventional boundaries. The promise of a unified brand linking everything, provides investors with unmatched access to a network of amenities, creating a seamless and effortlessly managed experience that characterizes BlackBrick's visionary philosophy. BlackBrick ushers in a fresh paradigm in the residential market. Going beyond mere construction, it encapsulates the revitalization of an entire neighbourhood, contributing to urban renewal.

At the core of this transformative approach lies the BlackBrick ecosystem approach - a strategic initiative identifying neighbourhood’s ripe for rejuvenation, upcycling entire buildings to create a reimagined offering. This visionary approach transcends typical housing solutions, orchestrating a holistic transformation that seamlessly integrates short and long-stay apartments with member club facilities, setting BlackBrick apart as a key differentiator in the market. Central to the BlackBrick experience is the introduction of an exclusive Members Club - a sanctuary within the building reserved for investors and tenants alike. This unique space, featuring restaurants, co-working areas, a meditation garden, a gym and pervasive Wi-Fi connectivity, fosters a sense of community and exclusivity, elevating the living experience beyond the ordinary.

BlackBrick caters primarily to investors, distinguishing itself from the traditional property development model. This unique approach ensures a strategic investment, providing not only optimal yields but also highlighting a proven track record, with over R1billion in sales on the platform in the last five years, solidifying BlackBrick as the premier sales performer in this sector. Moreover, investors within the BlackBrick network enjoy additional advantages, including no transfer duties, the opportunity for direct purchases from the developer, and the enticing perk of 10 free nights within the BlackBrick Hotel Network each year. This comprehensive investment package underscores BlackBrick's commitment to offering a suite of benefits for its valued investors.

In a market characterised by diversity, BlackBrick emerges as a consistent and reliable brand. The hybrid model introduced by BlackBrick is a scalable and unprecedented innovation in the South African residential sector - an industry valued at a staggering R7 trillion, constituting the largest asset class in the country.

In a dynamic landscape where mobility is the norm, BlackBrick recognizes the need for flexibility. The offering invites residents to stay for a day or thrive for a lifetime, acknowledging the new normal of fluid movement between cities and remote working. This adaptability aligns with the evolving needs of modern living.

With construction set to start early next year , BlackBrick Gardens has already made R100 million in sales , record breaking numbers for the area - a testament to strong demand and confidence in the BlackBrick brand. Investing in BlackBrick Gardens offers promising returns with a projected 10% net rental yield, surpassing industry averages, making it a lucrative investment . As the brand unveils this exciting new chapter, investors are invited to seize the unprecedented opportunity that Gardens represents - an invitation to invest and thrive.