Picture: Pexels
Our favourite “superfood”, which conveniently doubles as a beauty must-have for smooth soft skin, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.

But, while the jury is out on whether it is indeed healthy and good for our health or not, we’ve compiled a list of its many uses:

1. Make-up remover: It’s a natural face and body moisturiser, but did you know it also is quite handy at removing make-up? It liquifies eye make-up, making it easy to wipe-off.

2. Cures urinary tract and kidney infections: Coconut oil has been known to clear up and heal urinary and kidney infections. According to Dr Josh Ash, a “certified doctor of natural medicine”, the medium-chain fatty acids in the oil work as a natural antibiotic by disrupting the lipid coating on bacteria and killing them.

3. Breath cleanser/tooth whitener: Yup, gargling water mixed with a spoonful of coconut oil can refresh your breath because of the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

4. Leather polish: For that extra shine? Look no further. Whether on clothes or couches, some people have admitted to dabbing a little portion on a piece of cloth and rubbing their material for some shine

5. Stress relief: Online site, Organic Facts, says that coconut oil is very soothing and hence it helps in removing stress. Applying it to the head, followed by a gentle massage, helps eliminate mental fatigue.