Jadene Steenkamp and her boyfriend are huge Manchester United fans.
Jadene Steenkamp and her boyfriend are huge Manchester United fans.

#MyHeart belongs to Manchester United

By IOL reporter Time of article published Feb 7, 2020

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IOL is spreading the love this February with our #MyHeart Competition. We asked readers to send us a video or essay telling us about who they love and why to stand a chance of winning amazing prizes.

We're celebrating all kinds of love! So send a shout-out to your partner, your kids, your pet or even your boss.

One of the prizes up for grabs is a 10272 LEGO® Creator Expert Old Trafford - Manchester United set.

Here are some of the entries we received. NB: the winner of this prize will be announced by March 6. 

The love of my life turns 30 this year, having supported Man Utd and watched live matches diligently game after game. Tears of joy and sorrow, screams at the referee and more are his actions during any match. He is the kind who will sacrifice any part of his life to make sure he supports his chosen life team, Manchester United.

He showed me this gift he’d like and I would be so grateful to hand this to him on his birthday.
Please choose him as the winner as I want to win it for him.

Thank you



A colleague sent me the link to your competition as she knows (I tell everyone) about my love for the world's greatest football team, Manchester United.

My early years were always about cricket. I was cricket mad. Then one day, I changed onto the old CSN (before the days of Supersport) and I happened to tune in to a football game, Manchester United vs Wimbledon. Having only known of Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, I didnt really have any interest in what was happening. And then the most amazing thing happened. David Beckham gets the ball in his own half, looks up, ball rolls forward onto the halfway line and he shoots. And this ball sails and sails, right into the back of the net.

It was absolutely amazing. From then I was hooked. This is the sport, and the team, for me.

Although it was difficult to watch all the games back in those days, since DSTV and Supersport came along, I watch every single game, the only exception being if I am travelling for business.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so here's mine (attached).

Glory, Glory Man United!

Kyle Raubach


Good day all at IOL,

Our Blood is Red…Red Devil that is J

My dad and his girls are all supporters of only the biggest team ever…my dad sadly passed on in 2016 and as every MU fan, his dream was to go to Old Trafford (it was the last thing I whispered in his ear, that we would take him once he gets better). Every match day was pandemonium, we loved watching the game with him and these were some of the most special memories we shared with him….laughs, tears, swearing at the TVJ

We’re hoping to honour his legacy by visiting soon, however in the interim this would be a great gift to add to his collection of MU items.

In 2014, we watched the MU legends take on Orlando Pirates (his other fav team) at Ellis Park Stadium and recently we found his ticket stub that he kept from that match. He always said he loved MU, but he loved the game of football more.

So my shout out is to my dad who we got our love of football from and to my mum, sister and brother in law who still share the passion for Manchester United!!!

Tremaine Joseph


Manchester United, gives meaning to my life.  Since a child I have been a loyal, true supporter and even now that they are not doing so well I still remain loyal.

Despite the disappointments I have faith that one day Manchester United will raise again – like a Phoenix.

I will always support you regardless.

From Ines Leal


Good day 

I love Manchester so much , I named my son Man and his second name Chester. 


Randy Christians


Manchester United is undoubtedly the Greatest football club this world as ever produced.

Things were a little tough back in the day, so it wasnt really as easy to watch English football, especially when the hype around this famous club was extremely huge. My love for the club grew especially when the rival teams (United vs Liverpool) would lock horn, brother was obviously on the opposite side making it even more great given the bragging rights.

An extremely huge "shout out" to my 11 year old, son Jordan Hauman who is now even a bigger fan than I am. He will be really ecstatic if he'd be given such and amazing gift.

Thank you.

Edwin Hauman



I want to send a shout out to the biggest Manchester United fan in the world, My Amazing Boyfriend, Joshua!!!  He simply looooooooves the club! He is always going on about how MUFC is the best club in the land! He is so incredible! He is so sweet, kind and caring! He always makes my day! He deserves the best! 

I love him so much, that I, a Liverpool fan, have entered this Manchester United competition so that my baby can be happy!

Kind Regards,


My name is Kathleen

Im entering on behalf of my husband who is a huge Manchester United fan!!

It is the first year that we are celebrating Valentines Day as husband and wife and I think this gesture would make him feel extra special since he is the one that is always taking care our family and I, it would be a great to take care of him for a change and make him feel as special as he is.

My hubby watches all their matches and support the team whether it's a junior side or their full proper side. He never misses a game and gets so emotionally attached to the sport, you would think he plays for the Red Devils. His dream is to visit Old Trafford one day, but until we make this dream come true, I guess this is the next best thing!!!


Reason I love Manchester United:

I have been a crazy supporter since 1992. And I was privileged enough to go Old Trafford in 2000 - so I got the t-shirt as they say. Even though the club is going through one of its darkest periods in terms of form, I still wear my United top with pride, though most in my family supports the other red team (wont mention the name). 

Winning this lego set of Old Trafford will bring back memories of my one and only trip to the Theatre of Dreams, and with me busy purchasing my first home, this item will stand proud in my new entertainment area together with the other memorabilia that I have gathered over the past few years.


Nathan Titus


Dear IOL 

My boyfriend and I are huge Manchester United fans. We literally watch every game together and that's how we bond. We got United Jersey's 2 years ago and we surprised each other on Valentine's day 2018. We decided to do it properly and get each other gifts. Turns out, we got each other the same gift, just different colours. 

My favourite player would definitely be Marcus Rashford. I was a bit sceptical when he started out probably because of his age but he really has proven himself. We spend many evenings having debates about our team and it's probably the best conversation we have. 

We would watch Man Utd games with friends, especially when Manchester Utd vs. Liverpool, we have full blown gatherings at a friend's house just to watch the game and we are always in couples. I honestly love my boyfriend so much and being able to share something as great as this with him, it's quite spectacular.

Kind Regards,
Jadene Steenkamp


Here's how you can enter to stand a chance to win one of the amazing prizes up for grabs in our #MyHeart competition.

Send an email to [email protected] telling us your #MyHeart story.

Or send us a message of at least 150 words or a video via Whatsapp to 0745573535. 

You can also DM us on Facebook or Twitter, or tag us on Instagram.

The competition runs from February 1 to 29.

Winners will be notified by March 6.

Winners will be notified by email or phone, so please send us your contact details with your entry.

Competition Rules:

Selected story entries, pictures and videos will be published on iol.co.za and our social media pages. The winners' names will be published on our website and social media pages.
Competitions are only open to people residing in South Africa.
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Prizes are not redeemable for cash. 
The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
Receipt of entries will not be acknowledged. 
The entrant accepts that entry to the competition does not constitute a contract or any form of legal commitment between the entrant and IOL.

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