IOL Lifestyle is giving away 2 cases of Volfas Engelman and 2 cases of Sprintase Gluten free beer.

Volfas Engelman Pilzeno Pilsner:

Part of the historical 'Volfas Engelman' heritage beer. Supreme quality light Lithuanian malt is employed in the production of Pilzeno beer. These are the grand aroma of Czech & various German hops used. These unique hops enable the creation of the unrepeatable aroma and taste of the beer.

Volfas Engelman Rinktinis Lager

Brewed at Volfas Engelman, one of the largest breweries in Kaunas, Lithuania. Made from only pure, specially filtered water. The aromatic Perle & Magnum hops, together with the unique brewer's yeast reveal a rich taste, while Lithuanian malt give it a light colour.

Sprintase Export Lager

Brewed according to an age old recipe. It is brewed in the oldest brewery in Latvia. This is a top, premium export lager. It is a light beer, brewed with special filtered water, carefully selected malt & the finest hops

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