Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike. Picture: HIGH WIRE IP, LLC, SIFE EDDINE EL AMINE

IOL Entertainment giving away tickets to an exclusive pre-screening of  'Beirut' on Thursday, 10 May 2018. 

In 1972 Beirut, American diplomat Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm) hosts a cocktail party accompanied by his wife and Karim, the 13-year old Lebanese orphan (Yoau Saian Rosenberg) whom they hope to adopt. 

The festivities are disrupted when Mason’s best friend, CIA agent Cal Riley (Mark Pellegrino) arrives with startling information about Karim. Seconds later, terrorists attack the party with tragic results.

Ten years later, Mason, now an alcoholic working as a mediator for labour disputes in Boston, gets approached by a stranger in a bar, who hands him a passport, cash and a plane ticket along with an urgent invitation from mutual “friends” that he travels with to Beirut. 

Reluctantly, Mason arrives in Beirut only to find that the formerly picturesque city on the sea has become a violence-ridden war zone. Mason soon discovers the real reason he’s been called back. 
CIA and embassy officials Donald Gaines (Dean Norris), Gary Ruzak (Shea Whigham) and ambassador Frank Whalen (Larry Pine) explain that terrorists have kidnapped a CIA agent. 

Mason’s mission: negotiate a swap for the release of terrorist leader Abu Rajal (Hicham Ouraqa), believed to be imprisoned by Israeli secret police, in exchange for the American.

Navigating the rubble-strewn city with the help of his embassy-assigned handler, savvy “cultural attaché” Sandy Crowder (Rosamund Pike), Mason secretly meets with the kidnappers and uncovers clues that help him unravel competing agendas by Israeli military boss Roni Niv (Alon Aboutboul), American politicians, Palestinian Liberation Front minister Bashir (Ahmed Said Arif) and corrupt bureaucrats. 

Confronting ghosts from his past, Mason faces a formidable question: Who do you trust in a world where the truth emerges only when it’s convenient – or profitable? 

A taut action thriller from director Brad Anderson and writer-producer Tony Gilroy, Beirut takes an unflinching look at the cost of freedom.
The Brad Anderson-directed ‘Beirut’ will be released in cinemas nationwide on May 11.

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