Kids wear. Picture: Butter Pudding website.
On Friday, October 13, I went to the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair in Hyde Park and stumbled on something delectable.

It was my first time attending the fair, so I was just wandering around to find something interesting. After I had met with Tiisetso Molobi, the founder of Urban Mosadi, who I had interviewed earlier in the week, my mood got better.

I then started to walk around more freely, and checking out some cool stuff.

Papama Mtwisha, founder of Butter Pudding. 

Just when I was about to leave because I wasn’t feeling too well, I saw it: a Butter Pudding stall! Some woman was still buying, so I had to wait a few minutes so as not to interrupt the customers.

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Founded by Papama Mtishwa about two years ago, Butter Pudding is a clothing label specialising in delicious fashions for kids in Africa. Papama describes it as “African at heart and global in spirit”.

“We’re into cool, quirky (with a touch of nostalgia) and practical clothes,” she says.

Butter Pudding apparel. 

“Butter Pudding is the total antithesis of logo- branded clothes.

“It’s for those who seek individuality, a little fairy dust and magic, who want, like we do, the personalities of their children to shine through their clothing, not compete with it.

“It’s for those who want their kids to stand out brightly from the crowd, to glisten, while not being hampered when they’re playing, learning or loving life.”


What’s interesting about Butter Pudding is that each collection is a special dedication with a message behind it. The current collection, “Africa your time is now”, is about embracing being African. It teaches children to love themselves as Africans and not to wish they were otherwise.

This delicious collection is now available, and the best part is it also comes in adult sizes. Tuck in! Visit