Designs by Dejavu Clothing. Picture: Supplied.

Keeping up with the latest trends of denim being the in thing, Dejavu Clothing introduced a flair of elegant denim and white couture to Ekurhuleni.

On the first Spring weekend, Ekurhuleni hosted  its 6th annual Rock Da Shades event which had an experience of denim and white inspired theme. Rock Da Shades is an annual Spring picnic affair in welcome of this colourful and warm season.

White dress by Dejavu Clothing. Picture: Supplied. 

The garments by Dejavu Clothing entailed meticulous attention to detail. Designs were carefully worked on through painting and sketching before being made up as full sized finished garments.

The outcome of the event was a success with achieving the goal of taking away the casual in denim and making it even more red carpet. This collection brought elegance to a picnic event with some recycled material for the dresses.

Blue and white dress by Dejavu Clothing. Picture: Supplied. 

The designs are embraced by different personalities of women, from plus-size to petite so as to embody the difference in women and the same beauty in body shape.

Having achieved the brand’s primary goal of accommodating women in all body shapes and sizes, the secondary goal was to involve guests at the marquee to complete a painting activity.

The sketched dress in which guests completed by signing on it. Picture: Supplied. 

Guests signed in their names or a message into the designed dresses on paintings in order to complete the dress, which turned out amazing.

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