Michaela Wright face beaten by Morag Steyn. Picture: Marrisa Venter.

Doing makeup is a skill not everyone has but would like to master. Morag Steyn, successful South African make up artist who is making waves in India by doing extravaganza makeup looks shares some of her beauty tips. 

 Have a smoothie to prevent eye bags

Here in India, we always have the whole of bags under our eyes, it’s the lifestyle, the city that literally never sleeps.  To prevent the bags, the only solution is through nutrition, make sure you get the nutrients in. Everything is organic and fresh here, and surprisingly well priced. A smoothie a day keeps the bags away.

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Add essential oils to your foundation

It’s all about the texture of the skin, adding essential oils before or with your foundation is great. I feel that serums and oils have almost taken the place of primers. Combined with a light fresh foundation, apply  before you shower. 

The heat of the steam will flush your face giving aid for the serum to absorb and your foundation to settle, a famous tip from the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.

Mandy Kgobe styled by Morag Steyn. Picture: Richard Slatter.


Highlight Highlight Highlight…Just because it's winter in South Africa doesn’t mean we need to look grey. I’m currently loving the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Mars. It has a frigid-lavender sheen, with a peach shifter that decorates those cheekbones with a pink peachy glow, it’s the hottest thing on the block. 

I am also obsessed with the Caribbean Shimmer lotion, it’s quick and easy to apply, and it leaves the skin with a glamorous bronzed glow, I mean why be grey in winter?

Tarryn Alberts' face done by Morag Steyn. Picture: Reflection 9.

Pop the eyes

Make the eyes pop, it’s all about the lashes. Keep them conditioned and look after them as you would with your hair, they need treatment as well. Apply castor oil on them daily. 

Use a lash primer, this basically conditions and form a tube coating over the hair thus making the lash appear long and thicker which is what every woman wants, and curl curl curl.

Lizo Gumbo's face beaten by Morag Steyn. Picture: Reflection 9.

Mostly importantly, always remember not to sleep with makeup on. You don’t want to age before time.