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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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3 of the coolest moms on TikTok right now

Mother and daughter duo, Brittany and Jadyn, are both TikTok stars. Picture: Instagram.

Mother and daughter duo, Brittany and Jadyn, are both TikTok stars. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 21, 2020


From Hollywood actors to experts in parenting hacks, these three TikTok moms prove that the app isn’t just for Gen-Z.

The life-cycle of a social media app begins when a mixed group of millennials and Gen-Zers download it, cultivate its popularity by inviting friends to join and then creating crazy viral challenges that  get the media in a frenzy.

As the video sharing site attracts more and more attention, it brings along new audiences too, such as the parents of TikTok. Perhaps, at first, they joined for a laugh, or maybe they even downloaded it as a way to spy on their kids. But, the irony is that everyone loves them and they’re fast becoming an integral part of the app with their niche videos appealing to part.

Here are 3 TikTok moms you need to follow:



Picture: Instagram.

Stylish mom to a teenage daughter named Jadyn, Brittany Xavier has amassed a huge following on TikTok because of her incredible fashion sense. 

Her journey started while working as a marketing executive. She felt she needed a creative outlet which blossomed into her starting the style blog Thrifts and Threads. The website launched in December 2013, and became a place where she could share her thoughts on all things fashion - from vintage finds to high-end splurges she couldn’t resist.

Putting all her spare time into this newfound hobby, Xavier was soon able to quit her job as she was earning enough to support herself as a single mother by turning her passion into something lucrative with brand deals and advertising opportunities. 

In an interview with Forbes, she said, “When my blog started to make money as a side hobby the goal was to be able to afford an at-home nanny, never did I think it would afford an amazing life for both me and my now husband to work from home and be there for Jadyn when she needs us. I always planned my life a certain way but having my daughter didn’t end my plans it just changed them — I believe for the better, because I love the current work life balance I have now.” 

From how to style trendy clothing items to videos of what she and her daughter would wear out on different occasions and even trips to Fashion Week,  if you’re looking for outfit inspiration or simply want to peek into the fabulous life of an influencer, Xavier’s page is for you.



Picture: Instagram.

Shay Mitchell is best known for starring in the teen drama Pretty Little Liars, her YouTube career and being mother to Atlas Noa, her first born daughter.

Adding one more item to the list, Mitchell has now gained the title of TikToker too. Effortlessly keeping up with Gen-Z, the new mom recreates dance challenges guest starring celebrities like her former co-star Ashley Benson and perfectly lip syncs to viral audio clips. 

Often she features her baby girl in the videos, which her fans absolutely adore. Not long after her daughter’s birth, Mitchell took to Instagram to share a picture of herself embracing her baby girl: "In my 32 years of life I thought I had seen a lot of places, experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people and felt love…then came you."

With the bond that these two share being so tight and strong, we foresee them growing into a dynamic TikTok duo.



Picture: Instagram.

The app isn’t all fast-paced dance challenges and weird skits, it’s also home to a wealth of useful hacks and advice on a variety of topics ranging from fashion and food to medical and educational as well as parenting tips.

Labelling herself as everyone’s official “TikTok Mom”, Sulhee Jessica’s profile is the definition of the Pinterest Mom aesthetic. Bento boxed lunches with cute cookie cutter shaped sandwiches and fruit with loving notes included with each meal, it’s no wonder she's gained such a huge following.

If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your kids entertained, she’s got you covered with cool experiments, arts and crafts activities and DIY projects like making your own scrunchies and soap. Kids love her, adults do too and so will you. 

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