Celebrate Father's Day by doing something special with your family. Picture: Luis Quintero from Pexels
Celebrate Father's Day by doing something special with your family. Picture: Luis Quintero from Pexels

7 fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day during the lockdown

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Jun 19, 2020

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Father’s Day is fast approaching so it's time to start thinking of ways to honour and celebrate the paternal figures in your life.

Whether it’s adventures in the outdoors or a cosy day at home with the family - we’ve curated a list of activities to celebrate

7 fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day during the lockdown:

Breakfast in bed

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Ah, breakfast in bed, the traditional go-to for practically any special occasion from Valentine's Day to birthdays. 

Simple and easy to achieve, this classic is for anyone who loves their eggs in bed. 

Whether it’s a full English breakfast or yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit, lay down the spread on a tea tray, with a placemat or tea towel underneath, use your best bowls and cutlery. 

To finish, add a vase of flowers and your kid’s homemade Father’s Day cards to finish the look.


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For the outdoorsy dad who’s itching to work up a sweat and take in the fresh air and glorious views South Africa has to offer, a hike may be the perfect way to celebrate. 

Hiking is allowed so long as it is done in compliance with existing guidelines and not in groups. 

Like you would for any hike, ensure that you have the essentials with you. Carry items like a charged cell phone, power bank, snacks and water. 

Take a jacket in case the weather changes.

Pub quiz

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If competitiveness runs in your father’s genes, perhaps you have aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws who are exactly the same. 

Channel your competitive energy into a Pub Quiz in honour of Dad, using Zoom or Google Meets, to host the family together. 

There are tonnes of templates available with quiz questions online, or you can make up your own. 

A fun element to add is a scavenger hunt. Include a round where entrants have to search their homes for a list of random items (such as a musical instrument, something yellow, workout equipment, etc.), those who find them first get bonus points. 

Game Night

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It’s time to whip out old favourites like 30 Seconds, Pictionary and Scrabble for a family game night. Since it’s dad’s special day, let him pick the games - even if it is a round or two on the Xbox. 

Create a leaderboard tallying everyone's score and heighten the stakes by allocating prizes for different categories. 

Ranging from the usual titles like “Overall Winner” to funnier one's like “The First Person To Throw Their Cards On The Floor” during Monopoly or a card game, you’ll have lots of fun whether you win or lose. 

Game Drive

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A post shared by Mount Etjo Safari Lodge (@mount_etjo_safari_lodge) on Jun 17, 2020 at 1:45am PDT

Public and private game farms have been opened for self-drive excursions. 

If your dad has been craving an adventure, perhaps rattling over winding dirt roads, passing thorny acacia trees and the golden and green landscape that’s home to South African wildlife is just what he needs. 

Whether you choose to go in the morning to catch the early risers as they emerge from the bush or as the sun begins to set, pack a game-drive inspired lunch consisting of all dad’s favourites to keep hunger at bay. 

Feasting on biltong, salted nuts, fresh sliced fruit, crackers and cheeses will help set the scene for a wonderful day immersed in nature. 

Backyard Camping

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A cosy fire, the sounds of nature and a sky full of stars - backyard camping can be just as fun and adventure-filled as the real thing. 

Since it’s probably been awhile since your last campout, perhaps it’s time to put that gear to good use? 

In the comfort of your garden, (or balcony if you don’t have one) set up a tent to relax in, play music, bring board games outside to play on a blanket, build a fire on the braai and toast marshmallows. 

It’s the perfect way to celebrate as a family - without all the admin of a camping trip.

FYI: if you don’t have a tent, a makeshift one using sheets propped up by random objects will work just as well. 

Beer tasting

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Is your dad a huge fan of beer, wine, or whisky? Plan a tasting evening where he gets to taste a variety of different alcohols by his favourite brand. 

Do a little research and prepare key cards with a few notes detailing the different flavours, aromas and colours as well as some other interesting facts he may enjoy.

Of course, you’ll need something to pair the alcohol with because the combination is always a winner. 

So, be sure to find out which foods to accompany your chosen beverage best. Lager beers go down a treat with shellfish and spicy food whereas dark chocolate, grilled steaks and cheeses suit whisky best.

Disclaimer: One of the requirements by the World Health Organisation is for people to wear masks when in public. 

So, however you choose to celebrate, make sure you do so mindfully, and in accordance with the level 3 lockdown regulations

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