Instead of soap, use a baby wash to cleanse your toddler head to toe. Picture: PxHere

The lingering effects of the summer sun mean skin can be dehydrated and in need of some gentle TLC when it comes to winter. 

The harsher, colder season can exacerbate eczema if your toddler has a propensity for the condition. Dr Kesiree Naidoo, expert dermatologist at Vincent Pallotti hospital in Cape Town suggests this is because of inflammation and dehydration, plus the after-effects of increased pigmentation during the summer season.

Naidoo says moisturising is critical for skin recovery, along with the continued use of sunscreen in every season, not just summer and spring. As the colder climate begins to creep in, Naidoo’s given her top recommendations for treating toddlers’ skin:


Many of our skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis occur in autumn and winter. As a rule, the "thicker" the product, the better it can be for moisturising.  Gently exfoliate dry skin and then hydrate it with a suitable moisturiser such as the Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser.


Pay special care to the hands, lips and feet. Get into a daily routine of the whole family applying sunscreen, irrespective of the season. Avoid chapped lips by frequently applying a moisturising and nourishing lip balm. Keep hydrating your hands with a nourishing hand cream.

Gentle ingredients

Another thing to note is the ingredients. Sensitive skin tends to love naturally-derived ingredients that are as gentle as they are effective.  

No soap

Instead of soap, use a baby wash to cleanse your toddler head to toe. Opt for a gentle product, allowing your child to have fun while soothing their skin before bedtime.