Cardi B's daughter has her own crystal-embellished rocking chair. Picture: AP

Cardi B's daughter has her own crystal-embellished rocking chair.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker's little girl Kulture, whom she has with her husband Offset, may only be three months old, but the rapper's record label Sony wanted to make sure she had plenty of over-the-top toys to play with when she's older so reportedly splashed out on the sparkly hand-made prop as a little gift.

The label reached out to Angela's Fantasy Creations - based in Los Angeles - about a month ago because they wanted to give the gift to Cardi shortly after she gave birth but, unfortunately, the chair took over a month to create as it was made with nearly 26 000 rhinestones and had the little one's initials carved into it.

According to TMZ, the bosses at Sony also requested for some matching crystal-embellished shoes to be made for Kulture too - but they only took a day to make.

And it's not just Kulture being spoiled with gifts at the moment as Cardi, 25, was over the moon last week when Offset bought her a $200 000 Lamborghini Urus.

Taking to her Instagram account, Cardi revealed how Offset had told her to rush back to Atlanta because he had been involved in a medical emergency.

She said:  "Y'all don't even know how I feel, y'all, 'cause I've been praying for the last two hours to every goddamn religion that there is, like, 'God, I hope this n***a is OK.' Why nobody answering my calls, acting funny? I don't want to raise my baby by myself. Jesus Christ, I hope everything is OK."

However, she later found out that he had tricked her in order to give her the car.

She later told him: "I'm so happy. Babe - I love you."