Generic pic of sleeping young baby

London - It’s probably the word most often used by harried parents of restless babies: “Shussssh.”

Now, for parents so exhausted that they can’t even muster the energy to “shush” their babies, there’s a clever new phone app that will make the comforting noise for you.

The app - called the Baby Shusher - was invented by Chad and Katie Zunker, a couple from Austin, Texas, after they discovered just how successful Chad’s shushing technique was with their two children.

They say that it works like a “snake charm” on babies, getting them off to sleep in minutes.

The app, £2.99 (about R40) from, can be set to play all night - or just for a 15-minute nap. The technology can also pick up the noises made by a waking or sleeping baby and, depending on the baby’s state of wakefulness, the app will turn the volume of the shushing up or down.

If only someone could invent a ‘Don’t Touch That’ app to play on repeat through the toddler years. - Daily Mail