A natural C-section is still surgery, say doctors. Picture: Flickr.com

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In Charlotte Knowles's case, it's almost unbelievable. The mom of two from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex insisted on having a calmer birth after experiencing a traumatic delivery with her firstborn.

So what doctors did was make an incision to help pull out the baby's head and then let her wriggle her torso and legs out. What happened next even shocked the medical staff. Everything went as planned until little baby Lyla fell asleep while halfway out, resulting in doctors having to wake her.

"I knew when I got pregnant with my second that I wouldn't be able to go through a natural delivery," Knowles told Fabulous Digital.

"I wanted this birth be a beautiful and calm experience for me and our baby, despite being on the operating table," she continued.


Luckily, both mother and baby are doing fine.

Knowles said: "The whole birthing experience was so calm and peaceful. I felt relaxed and free of stress.

"As it was a planned C-section, I got to walk myself to theatre, sit on the operating table and take some time to mentally prepare myself with my partner by my side.

"The team of doctors and nurses talked me through every step of the way."