Quinton Jones and Minnie Dlamini-Jones. Picture: Instagram
Quinton Jones and Minnie Dlamini-Jones. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Finally, proud mama Minnie Dlamini-Jones shares picture of baby Netha’s face

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published May 11, 2021

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Lots of people celebrated Mother’s Day as first-time moms this year, including Minnie Dlamini-Jones.

Since the birth of her little munchkin Netha Makhosini, she’s been very careful not to show his face on social media.

But the proud mama couldn’t contain herself on Sunday and chose to give fans a little peep of Netha, now six months old.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Dlamini-Jones shared a snap of herself enjoying breakfast while Netha lovingly looks on at his mother from his baby seat.

We think it’s safe to assume he’s been blessed with his father’s boyish good looks and his mom’s infectious smile.

Captioning the picture “My first Mother’s Day," the TV presenter looks clearly overjoyed to be sharing the day with her family of three.

Picture: @minniedlamini/Instagram Stories

In celebration of Mother’s Day and Africa Month, Dlamini-Jones also paid tribute to close pal Unathi Nkayi on Instagram.

“Thank you sis for always being their for me and guiding me through marriage, business and motherhood.

“I am a product of the women around me,” she wrote.

In response, Unathi said: “Thank you for trusting me with your heart❤️Thank you for protecting my heart.

“Thank you Sis for guiding me through marriage and post marriage, business and motherhood.

“I am honoured to know you and privileged to NOW have you as my sister. I love you Mama kaNetha.”

Dlamini-Jones is relishing her role as mother.

In March, she took Netha to the beach for the very first time for his blessing from the ocean.

According to some African cultures, the ocean is regarded as a spiritual place were you can meet with your ancestors, and Dlamini-Jones has always been vocal about her connection to her ancestors and Zulu culture.

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