The water birth happened quickly. Picture: Pexels

This is the face of unconditional love - a love that a parent feels for a child the minute they lay eyes on them. Everything that existed before no longer counts.

Mother of four, Amber Rojas, was never ready for the surprise that would change her life after giving birth to her fifth child Amadeus who was born in February this year.

In lieu of a baby shower, the family opted to use a birth photographer, and so Amadeus's entire birthing journey was documented from the minute she exited the womb.

During Rojas pregnancy, no issues were detected during her routine prenatal care and ultrasounds. The only surprise is that they didn't want to know the baby's gender.

At 2am in the morning, Rojas went into labour, two weeks before her planned due date. “I almost didn’t think I was going to make it back into the birth centre, my contractions were coming so hard and so fast,” she told Buzzfeed.

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The water birth happened quickly, and then she realised that something was different about her baby - her newborn might have Down syndrome.
“It was like this thing came over me and I could not help it, my body was pushing the baby out,” she said. “And next thing I knew she was out and in my arms.

“When I picked her up out of the water I could literally see it, I could see it in her face. I looked down and was like ‘Oh my gosh, our baby has Down syndrome’.”

But thanks to the amazing love and support of their family, little Ami has seen vast improvement after undergoing successful open-heart surgery.

And just like that we are all home!!! Her Heart Surgery was a day I dreaded since the day the doctors told me she was going to have it! I remember telling Fernando over the phone from the hospital room (he had to go home to take care of our other kids) I remember it was so hard to get the words out that our baby that we had only met for 3 days was already going to have to have her heart Repaired! That was the first time I was sad about her having Down Syndrome. I knew of other baby’s who were Diagnosed with Down syndrome and they didn’t have to have surgery or theirs over time was healed. Not Ami’s ... The doctors could already tell she was going to have to have it because her Defect was too Big. Then she got sick in Dec with RSV which delayed her surgery... In the mean time I grew to love so many moms and their sweet babies who also Rocked an Extra Chromosome and then the hard stuff started happened. I remember watching and hearing many moms loose their babies in their battle. Some never made it out of the hospital and some never made it back to the hospital. Some are still in the hospital and some are sent home with all the unknowns. I feel so incredibly blessed for all the prayers that we have received! All the text! All the messages. I thank God for sending all of you guys to pick me up just in that right moment when I needed it most! I was so excited to come home today with Amadeus and I cried the whole way! Tears of Joy that We made it to the surgery and Now home. Tears of sadness for all the mommies who’s babies were taken way too soon. Our journey is definitely not over and Ami’s work here isn’t finished. Gods Not finished yet....

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