Why give my precious baby a massage? I love spoiling her but is it not too early to start with this?

Contact with your baby is very healthy for your

relationship. Relaxing helps the baby with ailments like colic and insomnia.

Stimulation is great for for normal and correct functioning of internal organs like the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic or immune systems.

Good posture and physical development is helped as baby learns how to sit and stand correctly. Baby also maintains the suppleness she is born with.

And don't forget the fun element: naked, oily

babies are very funny.

How to I know if what I am doing is right? Won't I hurt the apple of my eye?

There are no rights and wrongs - just be aware of what your baby likes and work slowly and firmly.

A few techniques can help:

  • colic can be relieved by massaging the abdomen clockwise

  • movements with the legs that stretch and compress the abdomen will ease tightness and move the wind along

  • bend the knees up to the chest and

    stretch the legs out or make a bicycle movement

  • small circles along the jaw line relieve teething pain

  • slide the hands slowly down the spine; downwards grounds and earths the baby

  • "plant" the fingers on the scalp and make small circles to relieve a headache

  • press along a line under the cheekbones to release pressure in blocked sinuses

  • on the chest, a heart shaped movement up the breast bone and then out over the shoulders, down the sides to the navel opens the chest and can help with asthma

    What oils do I use when? I don't want a smelly baby!

  • when using essential oils use one or two drops at a time either dispersed in the bath water or mixed into10 ml of vegetable oil

  • for colic use one drop each of lavender and sweet orange

  • for insomnia a body massage helps relax your

    baby and oils such as camomile, frankincense or lavender can be used

  • use use eucalyptus for colds

  • use tea tree oil for nappy rash and all infections

  • use a drop of lavender and massage the jaw line and upper lip in tiny circles when baby has teething problems

    What else do I need to know before I rush out to buy the oils?

    Wait until your baby is six weeks old before using

    essential oils. Do a small skin test first and don't use more than two drops at a time, diluted in carrier (vegetable) oil.

    Don't get the oil into the eyes or mouth. Only use recommended safe oils. Speak to a practitioner if treating a serious ailment.