Be present for the moments that count.

Yes New Years are all about resolutions, which are all about goals and resultant achievements, which makes asking for help seem like awful advice. 

However, if beyond the desire to have all your children's school books covered and labelled in time, and perhaps to make it to all sports events thanks to a meticulously kept diary, is an even greater desire to be less anxious, less in a rush and less stressed, consider for a moment that you don't have to do it all by yourself.

I'm not saying pawn of all parental duties to your spouse, grandparents or nanny - I'm saying make the decision to delegate.

Be mindful about the parenting moments that really matter to your child and to you and indeed, go out of your way to be present. This can be attending all important school concert or a simple Saturday morning lego session. Then, consider the activities and tasks that leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This could be rushing out of the office on a lunch break to fetch and drop children or homework when you get home and have to also make dinner and get the children ready for bed.

Let go of the guilt, frankly it doesn't help, and make concrete plans to be let of duty when you need to be. Dragging a toddler to the beauty salon, because your eyebrows are now blinding you will only frustrate you both.


- A regular babysitter

- Nanny 

- Daycare 

- Day mother

- Lift clubs 

- Joining parent and toddler classes for support and 

- make use of facilities such as childcare at gym.

There may be some groundwork at first, because you will need to find highly reliable assistance, but the physical and emotional load off you will make 2019 a better year for sure.