Picture: @bakedthebaby on Instagram

Khalid, son of fashion blogger and influencer, Aisha Baker, and South African cricketer, Wayne Parnell, had a Rumble in the Jungle themed first birthday party and it was adorable.

Although the toddler’s birthday was three weeks ago on May 15, Baker and family celebrated on Saturday. For Khalid’s actual birthday, Baker took to Instagram to reveal the first pictures of her baby boy’s face to the public, which she had managed to hide from social media by only sharing strategically-taken pictures. The post read, “And just like that Khalid is one! Cannot believe how fast it went, I’m so emotional today I’m going to be crying all day. I love being his mom he is the best little human and I am beyond grateful to Allah for putting this baby into my life, Allahhuma barik I’m so blessed I cannot deal,” the post read.

As for the party, it was totally decked out, but still very intimate and sweet. From balloon arches in green, white and bronze with the occasional Monstera deliciosa leaf wedged in between, to plush baby animals and a beautiful spread of themed snacks, this party was a Pinterest-Parent’s dream.

Biscuits iced with animal print, fruit and veggie platters, muffins, doughnuts and scones with jam adorned the harvest table. In the centre of the room lay a long kiddie-sized table with pillows strewn on either side. The front of the birthday cake read “Khalid is one” and was topped with a Kingdom of animals - a lion, zebra, elephant, koala and tiger made of fondant all huddled together holding a little balloon with a “1” on it.  

As for party favours, kids walked away with a decorated rumble-in-the-jungle themed box, most likely filled with yummy treats.