Try not to cry, we dare you. Picture: Twitter/@Kwanda_photography

Can we just take a minute and marvel at the complete joy of this reunion? Over the weekend, Twitter user Mrs Ma'kaLitha (@NqoMacB) posted the most heart-felt thread of her little baby girl meeting her father for the first time.

Starting the thread with "Daddy's home", Ma'kaLitha goes into detail of how her husband never got to meet their daughter after leaving the country when she was five months pregnant. 

"Last year November, Luba left the country to go work in Seychelles. I was 5 months pregnant at that time and he couldn't come back when his baby was born because his leave was only scheduled for November this year," she posted.

Well, dad, mom and little Lithalethu finally got their reunion. Standing with a handmade sign while waiting for the arrival of her man, Ma'kaLitha had the entire experience documented and decided to share it with her almost 2K followers. 

Professional photographer @Kwanda_photography was on hand to immortalise the family's special moment.

Here's how it went down: