The teethers come in an array of colours and shapes that are ideal for simulating babies' growing brains. Image: Pinterest

From phone cases to books and even the pom poms on your new blouse, anything in the path of a teething baby is fair game.

Teething jewelry - no, not those gel filled rings on a plastic chain - we’re talking trendy, fashionable, and most importantly, wearable teethers, are changing the game for moms and dads everywhere.

Image: Pinterest

The chunky bracelets and necklaces made with natural beech hardwood and silicone beads covered in crochet, not only make a statement, they have multiple benefits for mom (gone are the days of having your earrings ripped out) and baby.

Why it's awesome:

Made from soft, non-toxic silicone, it won’t harbour bacteria and is therefore safe for teething tots to gnaw and chew on. Placing the jewelry in the refrigerator makes for a cool and soothing teether, perfect for inflamed gums.

Babies love to explore using their senses. Teething jewelry comes in a variety of attractive colours, shapes, sizes and textures, aiding in sensory play which is critical for their developing brains.

Teething necklaces keep baby’s hands busy and eyes focused during nursing time, encouraging them them to concentrate on feeding, helping to prevent the “latch on, suck a moment, pull off” cycle.

Image: Pinterest
Most brands make a more toned down design for dads in neutral tones of navy and black, however, being a dad is all about going all out for your kid so proudly wearing a chunky pink bracelet is perfectly acceptable and could possibly earn you some major brownie points with the missus.

The best part for busy parents is that all they need to do to get them clean is to toss them in the top rack of the dishwasher, super easy.