WATCH: Ayanda Thabethe gives birth via C-section

Ayanda Thabethe during her baby shower. Picture: Instagram/@ayandathabethe_.

Ayanda Thabethe during her baby shower. Picture: Instagram/@ayandathabethe_.

Published Apr 14, 2022


*Please note that the article may contain graphic images.

Media personality and lifestyle influencer Ayanda Thabethe is officially a mom.

The co-founder of Quick Face beauty range, gave birth to her baby boy on March 16, with her sister Lungi Thabethe alongside her.

Taking to Instagram, she shared with her 1.9 million followers a video of herself during labour.

She gave birth at an undisclosed private hospital via C-section, and her Insta post is filled with lots of love.

Linda Mtoba, who is also a mother, congratulated her on the journey to motherhood.

“Congratulations mama, you’re gonna make the best mama with your kind heart and generous love,” said Mtoba.

The video made it to Twitter, and some people said they became scared of childbirth by watching the 43 seconds clip.

“I don't think we fully grasp how miraculous giving birth is, it’s like how birds don’t think flying is anything special,” commented @DjukaMatauri.

Other people commended her for her bravery.

“I would never stop crying, such a precious moment! Also, do you know how pure your energy has to be for someone to want you to be in that room with them? Argh! Congratulations to her,” said @LeeBugz.

Thabethe was very open about her pregnancy. She documented her journey and shared it with her followers. From the gender reveal party to the baby shower, everything seemed beautiful.

She has not yet revealed the name of her child, or who the baby daddy is.

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