The medical condition, referred to as Encephalocele, is a rare occurrence. Picture: Picryl

Doctors in Uttar Pradesh's Etah district in India were left baffled after a mother, going through a seemingly normal pregnancy, gave birth to a baby with three heads.

According to the Daily Mail, the pregnant woman was admitted to a health centre after suffering extreme pain in the build up to her labour. 

Family members and doctors were shocked when she delivered a baby girl with two large protrusions formed from the back of her skull. "The girl child had three heads. She looked like an alien," said Bijji Thakur, who witnessed the bizarre birth.

"The child's body has not fully developed. We will perform an MRI scan and then perform a surgery to separate the 'heads'', said Rajesh Thakur, chief medical superintendent, District Hospital, Etah.

The medical condition, referred to as Encephalocele, is a rare occurrence. But the number of cases reported have been isolated to Africa.

Doctors said that they would conduct a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan to determine the exact medical condition of the newborn.