Jade Roper Tolbert after her giving birth in her closet. Picture: Instagram
Jade Roper Tolbert after her giving birth in her closet. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Former reality star recalls ordeal of giving birth in her wardrobe

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Aug 1, 2019

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Most will know Jade Roper Tolbert and husband Tanner Tolbert as former contestants on reality show "Bachelor in Paradise". The couple soon married after meeting on set.

Now, with the birth of their second baby, Roper Tolbert, during an exclusive with PEOPLE Magazine, described the newest addition's entry into the world. “It was wild,” she told PEOPLE about her son’s birth which did not go as planned.

In fact, her son's arrival was so quick that she didn't have time to make it to the hospital. Instead, she gave birth on her wardrobe floor. “It’s surreal. I’m still having trouble processing it,” Roper Tolbert added.

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I accidentally gave birth at home last night, in our master closet. I’ve been still processing the shock of this all, as this was not all at what I had planned, but I am so so thankful for each person who helped bring our son into the world safely. I’ll share my whole birth story soon, but long story short, my waters broke and 75 minutes later I gave birth to our healthy baby boy while clutching a bench in our closet. It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I felt so out of control, but Tanner, Tanner’s mom, my mom and the medics and firefighters kept me going when I felt like the world was caving in on me and my unborn baby. I was going to share the happy, cute Instagrammable pics first, but this felt right to me. So incredibly grateful for the support system we had and for this beautiful boy I get to hold in my arms.

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“Her water actually broke at 9:16pm, as we were actually watching "The Bachelorette",” husband Tanner Tolbert said. 

“I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions so I felt like the baby was coming soon, so much so that my mom came from Nebraska early,” recalled Roper Tolbert.

And then things really started.

“I started pacing in the bathroom and found myself in the closet trying to think about getting clothes on. Then I yelled for Tanner and I was like, ‘Tanner it’s happening now!’ He came in and tried to get me dressed. He put me in a T-shirt and his gym shorts. I was just in a pain and labour fog.”

Within minutes the baby was crowning. Roper Tolbert was bent over her knees on a bench "trying to hold the baby in".

Gradually, with the help of a 911 dispatcher over the phone, both parents and Tolbert's mother managed to keep things calm before an ambulance arrived. 

“One of the main paramedics caught the baby and I cut the cord right there in our closet,” they said. “But we didn’t waste a lot of time because we wanted to get mom and baby on the gurney to the hospital.”

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