Caught on camera, a ghostly apparition walks in front of her crib and catching her attention. Picture: PxHere

Every parent knows that keeping their children safe from harm is their top priority. But what if you can't see the threat that is right in front of you?

Heather Brough and Joshua Higgins of Highland Township, Michigan, believe that a ghost is haunting their home, and most importantly, their baby.

The couple went public with video footage of something "attacking" their 15-month-old daughter Lily. They even told Detroit TV station WXYZ that she had unexplained scratches after the incident.

Caught on camera, a ghostly apparition walks in front of her crib and catches her attention. "It's almost like she sees something that we don't," Brough told the TV station.

"It was literally a chill down your spine, like that what if factor. Is this what I just saw?", said Higgins.

The figure was caught on the couple's nanny cam a few weeks ago, and now, fearing for their daughter, they all sleep in the same room until they can afford to move out of the home.