Carleigh Corbitt weighed more than 6kg. Picture: YouTube screenshot

While pregnant with her fifth baby, Chrissy Corbitt's stomach expanded more than her previous pregnancies. Was she having twins? Was something going wrong?

Despite her worries, her ultrasounds always turned up clear, and with just one growing baby in sight. The only conclusion? It's going to be a massive baby, and so her birthing plan was a scheduled C-section.

On the planned delivery date, Corbitt and husband Larry got the shock of their lives when their little baby girl was delivered. She told Inside Edition, “When they held her around the curtain for me I just couldn’t believe how big she was. I felt like I was looking at a toddler, I was like oh my God, she’s gonna walk to the nursery.”

As soon as the nursing staff did the initial checks, they weighed newborn Carleigh Corbitt, and sure enough, she tipped the scales at 13 pounds and 5 ounces (more than 6kg). The baby was one of the biggest they had ever seen.

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For a baby that size, nurses had to go up several sizes bigger for nappies. And when it came to clothes, her parents ditched the newborn growers for a nine-month-old child.